Watch Samantha Bee Spotlight Rainbow Wave Ahead of 2018 Midterms

Samantha Bee examined the Trump Administrations latest attack on trans rights while highlighting the rainbow wave building ahead of the 2018 midterms on Full Frontal Wednesday.

Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that the Department of Health and Human Services was working to create a legal definition of sex that would essentially define transgender people out of existence. While President Donald Trump notably promised to protect LGBTQ citizens while accepting the 2016 Republican nomination, Bee noted that his administration has been gutting protections for trans people since taking office.

Transgender people are real and normal and they deserve so much more than this, Bee said. And hey, if Donald Trump really, really wants to pretend like someone doesnt exist, pick Ted Cruz. Thats how I get through the day.

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But despite these numerous attacks, Bee pointed out in another segment that the 2018 midterm elections featured a record number of LGBTQ candidates. Among the most prominent is Christine Hallquist, who became the first openly transgender person to secure a major partys nomination for governor after winning the Vermont Democratic primary. Bee sent Full Frontal correspondent Ashley Nicole Black to profile Hallquist, though the comedian was also determined to use the experience as a way to get a head start on an Oscar-winning biopic about the candidate.

However, Black soon discovered that the Vermont gubernatorial race was less a chaotic cultural clash than a civil contest over issues like improving diversity and expanding broadband internet access to rural areas. This movie wasnt even going to win a daytime Emmy, Brown cracked.

In an interview with Hallquist, Brown said, I was looking to make a movie about a very cool trans woman overcoming the odds and I guess not that movie is about a nerd bringing the internet to Vermont.

Hallquist then deadpanned, Yeah, I like the sound of that better.

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