Queens Guard Nails the Game of Thrones Theme Song

Queen Elizabeth II might have declined the opportunity to sit in the Iron Throne of Westeros last month, but that doesnt mean shes above having the Queens Guard perform the Game of Thronestheme song from time to time. Incoming visual evidence, via Vulture:

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There they are, the official, real-life Queens Guard of England, serving up an ace rendition of the Emmy-nominated HBO series rousing title credits tune outside Buckingham Palace in London. The Thrones theme is no stranger to reinterpretation in 2014 alone, the song has been transformed into a cheesyEighties synth jam, a New Orleansstyle jazz jazz romp, and a haunting one-woman choral arrangement. Even further back, cello covers and quirky orchestral interpretations abounded. The original theme comes courtesy of composer Ramin Djawadi, whose credits include Iron Man, Clash of the Titans, and Pacific Rim.

Also in the Thrones Music Department, Hodor actor Kristian Nairn recently announced plans to begin a DJ stint throughout Australia in late August. The six-date tour will be amazingly titled Rave of Thrones. In addition to everyones favorite mono-vocabularyd buddy on the 1s and 2s, every venue will get a Game of Thrones makeover. Guests will be encouraged to show up in their finest velvet doublets. When DJing, I am definitely trying to keep my mind very much switched on, and for Hodor, its really the opposite, Nairn said of his dual life as an actor/emcee back in 2012. But [I still want] to be present in the scene, and to react well to what is happening, because I believe Hodor is a great reactor. I dont think too much is planned in his head!

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