Hear Karen O & Danger Mouses Dreamy, Disco-Tinged Turn the Light

Karen O and Brian Danger Mouse Burton released Turn the Light ahead of their collaborative album, Lux Prima (out March 15th).The song features an upbeat groove that pairs Karen O singing about starry, starry nights in silky falsetto with Burtons minimalist synth-and-bass sound. Astute listeners will recognize that funk throttle as a staple of Burtons collaborative productions like Broken Bells, his project with Shins singer James Mercer.

O and Burton have both described their collaboration as an atmospheric experience one that creates a world more than it creates a sound. Based on the vivid samples provided in the albums singles (see: Lux Prima and Woman) theyve indeed built their very own cinematic world within the album.

Lux Prima will mark Karen Os first new album since Yeah Yeah Yeahs released Mosquito in 2013. It will be Danger Mouses first full release since Broken Bells After the Disco came out in 2014.

Karen O and Danger Mouse will appear together on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on March 18th to promote the new album. The performance will be directed by longtime collaborator and filmmaker Spike Jonze, who last worked with Karen O on the soundtrack for the 2013 film, Her.

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