Carrie Brownstein Memoir to Be Adapted for TV Pilot

Carrie Brownstein is heading into the eighth and final season of Portlandia, but she already has another show in the works. The Sleater-Kinney cofounder is adapting her 2015 memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, into a pilot for Hulu, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The half-hour show, Search and Destroy, is a comedy that centers on a young woman, a band and a community learning how to be unafraid of their own noise, according to THR. It will be loosely based on her memoir, which traces Brownsteins experiences from her childhood growing up in the Pacific Northwest on through to Sleater-Kinney along with her growth, creativity and fulfillment as an artist.

As for Portlandia, the first of the final 10 episodes airs on IFC on January 18th. Like with previous seasons, some sketches will feature musicians in humorous and sometimes surprising roles. The Brownstein-directed premiere episode includes appearances by Henry Rollins, Krist Novoselic and Fugazis Brendan Canty, according to Billboard.

Brownstein also revealed that new Sleater-Kinney material is being culled as the group recently returned to the studio. Now, just so you know, were going to do this very slowly, she told Billboard. Its an ongoing conversation. Their last studio album, 2015s No Cities to Love, was their first after an almost decade-long hiatus.

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