Feed Service Platform Providers, Buck Up Please

This data collection is about as raw as it can get. Trading platforms keep malfunctioning or not functioning at all at the worst times. The providers cannot keep saying they did not expect such volume throughput. BULLSHIT!!!

Just take the biggest ever daily volume traded and budget it by multiplying by 2.... that should be your system's tolerance. Anything else is irresponsible.

Apologies to D Chia who took the brief survey, although sample size is small, I think its VERY REFLECTIVE of the reality.

 Don't mind Bursa making tons, don't mind paying this fee and that fee to do a TRANSACTION... but please la... not first time, not second time... this is like Tenaga brownouts la. At least TNB offer discounts... c'mon Bursa... you are the gatekeeper that ALLOWED the two buggers to provide feed, nobody else.... Do things better la., record profits but treat the players like chicken shit, for want of a better word.

Don't blame the brokers, you also cannot blame the service providers... you can only blame the GATEKEEPER, who allowed the service providers to provide such service to all clients for such a long time, without a SOUND OF PROTEST, DISSATISFACTION, COMPLAIN ON BEHALF OF USERS...

So who should be answerable to this poor level of service ... but who is always applauding record daily volumes no end... please help us help you, or help you help me. Well, somebody should have done something, and that something should HAVE BEEN SOLVED MONTHS AGO.

Its a situation so prevalent. If it happens ONCE a year, no bother... tell me how often has it occurred. DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER.

a) why only 2 providers. 
b) if its a cost-profit solution, fine ... then why is there NO PUBLIC REPRIMAND, or fine for subsequent and many glitches and failures of the trading platform???
c) are the 2 providers unable to provide the quite simple level of technology transaction?... I mean, its just minimal stocks (in Malaysia), one market and pretty straight forward ... I mean, last count, there are nearly a hundred exchanges. What makes ours so unique that we cannot solve the problem properly ... at least tell us.
d) stop the PR about how to improve fund raising n other capital market issues  blah blah when this very fundamental service also not up to par. Seriously, this has been dragging its feet for so long. If not, I won't be using such harsh language.
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