Why I Think Markets Are Too Optimistic

Bastardisation Of Currencies

When governments keep throwing money at the problem, some succeed while others are restricted by their fiscal constraints and prudent financial management. There's only so much budget deficit you can stomach. Not the US and Eurozone, they can literally print their way out of the problems at hand, with no need for any asset backing, particularly from the USA. The rest of the world, we can't do that. Our printing capacity has to correlate with our foreign reserves, government debt to domestic and international bodies, our GDP, etc...

What that does is that at every major financial crisis, involving the big guns, its the smaller guys that get whacked. The big guys has printed more monopoly money, get the money circulated, pay down debt, give people money to spend, and spend trip way out of the issues. The smaller nations just have to tighten our belts and compete ever harder to maintain status quo. Its colonialism in the financial age.

Just when you think colonialism is over, in financial markets, the masters still get 10x, 20x, 30x more than the slaves earnings per day. Even when the master make mistakes, its still the saves that kena.