Asking and Giving Opinion (Bertanya dan Memberi Opini)

Berikut ini adalah Ciri - Ciri Opinion
   ·             Kurang dapat untuk dibuktikan kebenarannya
   ·             Bersifat Objektif
   ·             Berdasarkan perasaan, perkiraan, atau kemungkinan

Contoh Kalimat Expressing Opinion
   ·             In my opinion.....
   ·             I think.....
   ·             What I mean is.....
   ·             Personally I think.....
   ·             In my experience.....
   ·             According to me.....
   ·             I strongly believe that.....
   ·             As far as I am concerned.....
   ·             From my point of view.....
   ·             As I understand.....
   ·             As I see it.....
   ·             I reckon.....
   ·             I am compelled to say.....
   ·             By this I mean.....
   ·             To my mind.....
   ·             Would like to point out that.....
   ·             In my humble opinion.....

Agreeing with an Opinion (Setuju dengan sebuah opini)
   ·             Of course.
   ·             This is absolutely right.
   ·             I agree with this opinion.
   ·             I couldn't agree more.
   ·             I agree with what you are saying.
   ·             I agree, I never thought of that.
   ·             Neither do I.
   ·             That's a good point.
   ·             I think so too.

Disagreeing with an opinion (Tidak setuju dengan sebuah opini)

   ·             I am sorry, I don't agree with you.
   ·             I am not sure I agree with you.
   ·             I don't agree with you.
   ·             I am afraid I have to disagree with you.
   ·             I do not believe that.
   ·             By this I mean.....
   ·             I disagree with you.
   ·             I think you are wrong.
   ·             That's not the same thing at all.
   ·             It is not justified to say so.
   ·             I am not convinced that.....
   ·             I can't say I agree with this, and here's why.....

Contoh Bagaimana untuk setuju dan tidak setuju pada sebuah opini dalam bahasa inggris
Children below 17 should be given right to drive a motorcycle
I agree with your opinion
I don't agree with you,
it is forbidden to let children under 17 to drive a motorcycle

Parents must giving smartphone to their children

I couldn't agree more with you.

I think it would be harmful to let children use smartphone. Because there are so much bad influence on the internet.

The novel version of Twilight is better than its film

Yes, I agree. The novel version had a many details of story hidden from the film.

That's not the same thing at all.

Instant noodle is good for your health.

I agree with what you are saying.

I am afraid that i have to disagree with you, because instant noodle have many chemical things inside it.

Smoking should be banned in public places.

I totally agree that smoking should be banned in public places.

I am sorry but I tend to disagree with you on this.

Contoh Dialog Expressing Opinion

Alika   : Hi Alika, Have you heard about the new cinema in Cimahi.
Nur      : Yes I have.
Alika   : And what do you think about it?
Nur      : I think that it is good have a cinema in our city. So we don't have to go to bandung in just            watching a movie. 
Alika   : I am sorry but I am not sure about your opinion.
Nur      : Why? Then what do you think about it?
Alika   : You know it is the very first cinema build in Cimahi right? So i think it will be really                  crowded because everyone in town will go there to watch a movie.
Nur      : Yes, I think you right about it.

Alika    : Hai Alika, Pernahkah kamu mendengar tentang bioskop baru di Cimahi.
Nur      : Ya, saya pernah.
Alika    : Dan apa yang kamu pikirkan tentang hal itu?
Nur      : Saya berpikir bahwa itu adalah baik memiliki bioskop di kota ini. Jadi kita tidak perlu pergi      ke bandung hanya menonton film.
Alika    : Saya minta maaf tapi saya tidak yakin tentang pendapat kamu.
Nur      : Mengapa? Lalu apa yang kamu pikir tentang hal ini?
Alika    : Kamu tahu, itu adalah bioskop yang pertama kali dibuat di cimahi? Jadi saya pikir itu akan     benar-benar ramai karena semua orang di kota akan pergi ke sana untuk menonton film.
Nur      : Ya, aku pikir kamu benar tentang hal itu.

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