Do Good, Be Good .... Why

Look at the poster ... its what I call CRAP!!!

Why write this? Well, if other people feel so freely to share their convictions, I think I also need to share my convictions.

Problems I have with organised self-delusional groups: 
a) there is something inherently wrong or misdeeds you or your forefathers have done, so shut up and make the best of it;
b) all these units of charm offensive promises you something in return.

Original Sin/Previous Lives - Imagine you have a 5 year old kid going to kindergarten for the first day. He sat down, the teacher comes over and gave him one tight slap. He cries why ... the teacher said "oh, its something your forefathers did or you did in your previous life". What kind of logic? Well, in every organised charm offensive, there has to be something that you can never question, something you are "guilty of" and there is nothing you can argue or question its logic. It is only by getting you to be "you might not know it but you have already done something wrong" mode that they can proceed to show how they can "bail" you out.

The Uncertain and Unknown Afterlife - Most are just buying insurance or just doing things because they have been culturally inclined to. Just in case there is really a purgatory or heaven or hell, or really another life. We need to hedge our bets against the unknown. IF there is a "plan", you are here... then just live your life HERE and NOW well. Any kind of afterlife plan that looks like a health insurance place is bollocks: oh well, you didn't tick these boxes. Live your current life well and with joy, whatever happens (or nothing happens) after, will sort themselves out.

In Christianity its because God so loved you, and now that you have been saved, you should be like Christ, be good, be nice.

In Buddhism, we are all just passing through, its cycles, we need to improve the present life so that our future life cycles higher on the road to nirvana. Karma is a bitch too, what you put in you plow... maybe not this life but eventually.

Every single organised charm offensive is selfish in nature. You do something in order to get something in return. You do charity, social work, bring kind, even being a better person generally ... because of something you are getting.

Better life cycles to nirvana, isn't that just selfish as well... it is me me me, better for me. 

My problem with the above two postulations is why can't we be good for GOODNESS SAKE!!!??? Why do we need this carrot being dangled in front of us, what are we, PETS!!???

I am not an atheist, and I do believe there is a God (power/force) and its all very nice the love thing but let's leave it at that. Do not extrapolate that into my character. I am still me. 

If I do good its because good is really good, it brings out the best in humans. It is the right thing to do, AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE SOMETHING IN RETURN - you don't need presents,  good luck, eternal life, good karma ... those are some other shit.

We have a mind, a sense of morality ... you may ask where do these come from ... even if they are God given, just say thank you ... but you do not need to do good because of that. You as a good parent, you take care of your kids because it is the right thing to do, because of the love you have in your heart for the kid... and most will not even want anything in return, most will not want the kid to worship them, most will not need the kid to repay them... and so it is. Do good because the other side is evil/grey.

Yes, I do feel good when I do good, so is that something for something, who cares... don't do it for presents or promises or to change your luck because those will only reveal how shallow your character is, and in the end, your goodness is tainted and watered down. 

Will you still do good if there were NO CARROTS!!?? If you answer yes, thats the best answer and the only answer you need to hear. Good hearts can't be bought. You can nurture it but don't bribe me.

WE ARE NOT PETS... don't dangle carrots/bones in front of us!!!
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