Trading Bull Run

The Year of the Piglet scampered off to a brilliant start.  I did expect the uptick to happen in the 1st 2 quarters of 2019, and it looks like there might be some steam left till end April at least.

It is only natural for the small caps to outperform, but also thankfully most of the upswingers had the right stories as well. We have to be cognizant of the fact that many are just coming back from oversold territory as well.

The volatile MYEG and Prestariang have been well documented, and they are more likely to be still volatile according to their corporate newsflow. Hence traders should be more careful when trading these counters.

A sure sign that liquidity has returned was the ability of the market to move even Sapura. That is not an easy counter to move. There are no discernable themes for the moment. Earnings recovery and oversold good stocks would appear closest to what we can consider as themes.

Some of the other stocks that looked good from a trading perspective (in no particular order):


Again, these are not recommendations to buy or sell but a shortlist for readers to do further research. As plenty of stocks will be announcing their QTRs before the end of February, we can safely expect a robust market until then at least.

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