New Definition For "Power Couple"

The kucing is literally out of the bag. I am sure all of us wish them well. New definition needed for "power couple".

Yeo's portfolio covers many industries, of which, most pertinent here would be CLIMATE and ENVIRONMENT. IOI Corp is naturally one of the top oil palm players.

At least Yeo did not have the Plantation Ministry, but her current post will overlap somewhat in terms of regulation over palm oil industry.

It wll be interesting to note how the whole situation plays out. Our palm oil producers have been grappling with EU Certification, and many of the clauses involve things such as "replanting", "climate change effects", "sustainability", "protection of wildlife", etc...

As far as I am aware only United Plantations can say most of their plantations can/has been certified properly and compliant. KLK is somewhere there but still way off UP's level of certifications and I think I have read reports that only about 10%-20% of IOI's plantation managed to get the required certification.

Watch this space.

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