Singapore - Be A Friend Lah

What's up with Singapore? This is your closest neighbor speaking, and also your closest relative, and we do have a lot of relatives both sides of the causeway.

You don't have to be super intelligent to know that Malaysia has not been governed well, in particular, the last 10 years. You don't have to be a genius to know that we have underachieved and not maximize our potential considering the vast amount of natural resources we have.

You know very well "you" have been "relying on" and "siphoning" a lot of Malaysian talents to work for your country. 

Unless you wish to keep this neighbor in the doldrums,  unless you want this relative to remain weak for your benefit...  Why can't you be a good friend?

Even the blind can see my country has turned a spectacular corner. In the current World Cup talk, it is like coming from 4-0 down in first half and to win 7-4 by the end of the match. Against all odds, most Malaysians have risen to fight for a better democracy, and to rid ourselves of evil people and evil ways. Why can't you be a good friend? Be happy for us lah.

You are one of the richest countries on earth, and to some extent (as stated above), Malaysia kind of helped too.

Hence when we finally changed the government, you already know full well that certain contracts were not entered into in Malaysia's best interest. How did you react? You have ministers thumping the table saying they will make us pay the severest penalties if we canceled certain contracts.

Take the water issue for example. This agreement was signed in 1962. This was a time when Singapore was about to join the Malaysian federation. Singapore, by all intents and purposes, was a part of Malaysia and hence the sweetheart water rates. Then in 1965, you left but water were still supplied at “domestic” prices in accordance to the 1962 contract. Sure, Malaysia had a right to review the supply contract in 1987,1988 but at that time, UMNO was having its own crisis so luckily for Singapore, that review was the last thing on TDM’s mind. 

Malaysia did not take the 87/88 period to review the contract. Call it a mistake or goodwill but Singapore benefited from that. Back in 2001, Singapore even agreed to raise the price from 3 sen to 45 sen till 2061 and 60 sen after 2061. Malaysia countered back with a price of 60 sen from 2002-2007 and RM3 from 2007 onwards. Naturally, there was no agreement but it was clear that 3 sen was a fuck-me-silly price for both parties.

Later on Malaysia even asked for RM6.25. Our rationale was that HK got its water from China at RM8. Singapore argued that that's because HK need not build the infrastructure to treat the water. That's pretty b.s. because all Singapore spent was just S$1b to build the infra - any accountant can tell you that amortize that over the course of supply, its pittance.

I do acknowledge that RM6.25 is a bit much since we are neighbors. Let's be conciliatory as try to strike a price between 60 sen and RM3. Singapore, stop shoving the rule of contract law in our face when debating this matter cause the contract was struck when Singapore was still part of the Federation. Lest you forget.

Any good parent should know that when a misbehaving child is trying his/her hardest to change, you should help and encourage him/her.

If I was PAP, I will take the opportunity first hand to earn goodwill from all Malaysians. You are the rich uncle, come on already. What are a few hundred million dollars? You know full well we are grappling with a potentially fatalistic RM1 trillion debt, and trying our best to right the wrongs.

If I was PAP, I would say let's talk. If Malaysia thinks it is not a fair contract or not the right time, be conciliatory. It does not mean you are weak or not enforcing the rule of law or rule of contract - it will mean that you wish us well and you recognize that the new government is not the old government.

Why can't we progress and achieve success together instead of trying to repress and suppress our efforts to be a better nation. Are there fears in your closet?

Singapore - be a friend lah.

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